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Which of the Different Types of Hair Replacement Systems is the One for You?

Hair loss occurs, when hair, in most cases on the top of the head, starts to fall out and ceases to grow back fully any more. The most common type is called “male pattern baldness”, or in the world of science as “androgenic alopecia”, when the hair gradually thins out until it is no longer […]

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How Sports Can Keep Your Mind Healthy

We’ve perhaps all heard the saying “a healthy body is a healthy mind” before, but what does it actually mean? It’s a simple matter of your mind forming part of your body and if you exercise your body you in effect also exercise your mind. Ensuring your efforts to keep your mind healthy through exercise […]

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The 7 Elements of a Healthy Body & Mind

The unfairness of life is perhaps most glaringly demonstrated by how one simply cannot seem to balance their state of mind and their physical shape, with the most experienced among us earth-dwellers wishing we could have the wisdom of a retiree and the body of a late teen transitioning into a young adult! I mean […]

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