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6 Common Problems Associated with Poorly-Fitted Rise-and-Recline Chairs

You might have noticed that many companies produce rise-and-recline chairs built around their customer’s exact measurements. You might assume that building a chair to measure isn’t necessary, but the truth is that you could end up suffering from several common complaints if you buy a rise-and-recline chair ‘off-the-rack’. Share the love! […]

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How to Stay Healthy and Active on Your Caribbean Adventure to St Martin

The Island of Saint Martin is a unique destination in the Caribbean that’s divided between the French Side and the Dutch Side. The French Side is called Saint Martin and covers approximately two-thirds of the 87km2 landmass. Sint Maarten is owned and administered by the Dutch and is characterised by more development, casinos, and shopping […]

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How to avoid knee injuries when playing sports

Injury is a natural thing to experience when participating in both non-contact and contact sports. Whether this is from a mistake, an accident or a well-supervised wrestling match, sports injuries can be serious and lead to lifelong ailments. Knee injuries can be especially problematic in the long term. Running and walking may become an issue […]

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