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How to Stay Healthy and Active on Your Caribbean Adventure to St Martin

The Island of Saint Martin is a unique destination in the Caribbean that’s divided between the French Side and the Dutch Side. The French Side is called Saint Martin and covers approximately two-thirds of the 87km2 landmass. Sint Maarten is owned and administered by the Dutch and is characterised by more development, casinos, and shopping […]

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Are you planning for your wellbeing in later life?

Are you already planning for good health and vitality in older age? As well as adopting a good diet and exercise regime, decades leading up to retirement age, healthy financial habits can also help. Monthly contributions to your personal pension pot can help you prepare for your retirement dreams and simply living debt free or […]

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How to Keep your Faith Strong and Lead a Modern Lifestyle

If you are a believer, modern society puts up barriers in the form of time constraints, and as much as we benefit from attending weekly sermons, there simply isn’t the time. From the moment you wake up, there are never less than 3 things on the “to do now” list, and finally, after a gruelling […]

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