How long will cosmetic facial and dental treatments last?

These days, anyone dissatisfied with their physical appearance has many cosmetic treatments from which to choose. Perhaps you want to tackle those dreaded “laughter lines” or “crow’s feet”, or your teeth are chipped, fractured, or even, in places, missing.

There are treatments available for all of these cosmetic problems, but exactly how long the results will last can depend on your choice of treatment. As you leave a clinic, it’s worth noting the results’ expected longevity to assist yourself in settling on a suitable time for renewed treatment.

On the face of it: when to have repeat facial treatments

If you have been avidly watching the hit ITV2 reality show Love Island, you probably feel like you know everything there is to know about Botox and fillers! After all, facial treatments of both of these varieties seem fashionable, to say the least, among Love Island contestants.

However, you should be careful to research the implications of both Botox and fillers before you use either – as, despite their similarities, they are not always suited to the same applications. Yes, they are both injectable remedies; however, Botox freezes muscles while fillers plump up areas of skin.

Another crucial question is, of course, whether these treatments differ in the extent to which their results last. Botox injections, which aim to soften lines created by facial expressions, produce results lasting from three to six months at a time, says Marie Claire.

Meanwhile, the longevity of fillers can depend on the type of filler. The London-based clinic Ten Facial Aesthetics cites the lifespan of dermal fillers – used for treating fine lines, dents, scars, wrinkles, and folds – as between six and 18 months.

If you were instead to perfect your pout with lip fillers at the same clinic, the results are likely to remain for a similar length of time, but the exact length can vary depending on the patient.

Why you mustn’t stop carefully looking after your teeth

Once you have received a cosmetic dentistry treatment, don’t assume that this would justify you loosening your reins on a careful dental maintenance regime. The Consumer Guide to Dentistry highlights the necessity of regular oral hygiene care for cosmetic dentistry procedures.

If you arrange for dental crowns or implants to be fitted, those are possibly likely to last about ten to 15 years before replacement becomes necessary. However, also keep in mind that the realistic lifespan of your results from dental treatment can be affected by the dental practice which you select in the first place. So as an example if you received some dental implants clearwater fl then these might possibly have different longevity in comparison to implants received from another clinic. The same could also be true for crowns.

Teeth whitening, which brightens teeth that have visibly stained or dulled, must be occasionally repeated to preserve the brightness. You could inadvertently chip or break off porcelain veneers and so need to replace them. Composite bonding could pick up stains to be rectified.

It’s undoubtedly comforting, then, that Ten Dental can carry out teeth whitening and composite bonding and fit porcelain veneers and dental crowns in various London practices. The Private Dentistry Awards named this private dental firm Practice of the Year London and UK 2017.