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CBD Oil Treatment for Seizures

A recent study done by the American Epilepsy Society found that a cannabinoid from medical cannabis can be effective in the fight against epileptic seizures. The study surmised that cannabidiol, or CBD, was essentially effective in reducing frequency and severity of seizures in adults, and most promising, in children. It is even possible to buy […]

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Places To Visit In New Zealand

For would-be holidaymakers and expats, New Zealand is among the most tantalising of all the world’s destinations. It’s packed to bursting with fantastic landscapes, flora and fauna, and it enjoys favourable weather conditions for much of the year. The culture is broadly similar to that which you’d find in the UK, and there’s no language […]

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Ski Goggles vs Sunglasses: Three Things to Take into Account

If you’re going to be heading out onto the slopes, you need to make sure your eyes are protected from the sunlight that reflects dazzlingly off the snow all around you. This means choosing between either goggles or sunglasses. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so you really need to just zero in […]

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Best Transport Modes Across Various UK Cities

Some New Year’s Resolutions are just begging to be broken. How are you going with yours so far? Are you sticking to your healthier lifestyle? Are you taking more care of the environment? Cycling has really taken off around the world, not just in the UK where it is enjoying great popularity. And by commuting […]

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What Studies Say About Using CBD Oil for Autism?

Image Credit: Pixabay It has been known for a short while now that patients of children with epilepsy have been seeking out sites that allow them to buy cannabis edibles online, as well as medicinal cannabis to see if this is an effective treatment for seizures. Tired of waiting for big pharma and science for […]

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How a Holiday Might Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

The stresses of life can take their toll on our mental well-being after a while. Our day to day routines can pull us in different directions, as there is often so much to do at home, at work, or with our loved ones. It is therefore essential you take a break every once in a […]

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How to be a Jogger and Manage Asthma

Asthma and exercise isn’t one of the best combinations – just ask asthma sufferers. Physical conditioning and a healthy lifestyle do go hand in hand however, and they’re also essential in minimizing the asthmatic symptoms of asthma and other breathing conditions. […]

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How to Improve Your Outlook On Life

Do you often wish you had a more positive outlook on life? That you would be happier if you could embrace circumstances and change, rather than fearing the worst? Well, the following tips might be just the thing you need to fill that half empty glass up. […]

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