Pilates – What Is It?

Pilates is a well known exercise technique developed in the late twentieth century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates called his technique “Pilates” after himself, hence, it was named after him. It is widely practiced worldwide, particularly in Western nations including Australia, Canada, the United States and even the UK. This type of exercise was developed to improve posture and balance, which was said to result from the poor flexibility and weak muscle tone that resulted from many types of work related injuries.

Pilates has also been used as a rehabilitation program after injuries and other accidents, and as a means of maintaining or improving health and well-being. If you have any kind of injury that affects any of your soft tissue areas, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and so forth, then pilates is an ideal exercise to use to rehabilitate your body. When done correctly, there are many health benefits that can be achieved by using this type of exercise. When done correctly and with a good program, there will be minimal discomfort and if you do injure yourself, then you can avoid any long term or serious implications.

Pilates is most commonly done with the assistance of a pilates instructor. The instructor will help you to learn and perform all of the basic movements, while strengthening the body and adding resistance to your muscles and joints through the use of weights and resistance equipment. Most pilates workouts require that the person doing the workout be in good shape and have good flexibility. Before starting a Pilates workout, make sure that you have the ability to follow the instructions and do an effective and safe amount of each move.

Pilates exercises are designed to increase strength in specific muscle groups and strengthen the core of the body, which helps to reduce the risk of injury. Core strength has been linked with reduced back injuries, improved posture, better breathing, better concentration and an overall sense of well being. Pilates can be performed with a mat, on a floor mat, on top of a chair, or with a Pilates machine. Pilates is also known as a form of yoga, so some people mistakenly think that these are the same thing. Both yoga and pilates have roots from the Indian discipline of yoga and were created to promote good health.

Many of the exercises in pilates are based on simple stretches and movement that require the individual to use the body’s own gravity to help create resistance. These movements can also be modified to target specific areas of the body or to target the joints. For example, one may do crunches with their Pilates instructor to target the abdominal area. They may also use resistance equipment to add more resistance to certain movements. This is important to remember because many of the movements in pilates are ones that are used in daily life when walking, standing up or sitting down.

Pilates is designed to provide a challenging workout that can be done without any specialized equipment. Many studios offer a basic pilates class to begin new students and then have the instructors teach additional advanced courses as the student progresses. Some schools have programs that feature Pilates for seniors to help those who may have suffered a back injury heal faster. By working with a qualified pilates instructor, anyone can experience the benefits of this ancient form of exercise.