The Best Back Exercise – Start Light!

Best Low Carb Back Exercises At Home. Begin by sitting down with your back straight, hips raised and your hands at your sides. Crunch your chest towards your buttocks until your thighs and upper body form a straight line. Then lower yourself slowly to the original position.

Deadlift. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and arms at your side. Now lift your deadlift bar to your chest and extend your arms as far as they will go. DON’T extend your arms at the elbow to your side; this is an improper technique and will prevent you from achieving maximum results with your back day deadline.

One-Leg Lift. This back exercise begins by standing with your feet hip distance apart. Now, using your dominant leg, pull your opposite leg up to your chest so that your thigh is in the way. Then, in a slow controlled movement, bring your leg back to the starting position and repeat.

Sumo Squats. This exercise is also included on the “9 inch secret.” Stand with one leg in the front. Next, lean against the leg that was just bent and hold onto your knee or buttocks for leverage. Squat down to the same position as before but this time, raise one arm over your head and another under it. Hold the position for three seconds and repeat two more times.

Seated rows. Starting in the seated position, raise your body weight forward onto the balls of both feet. Position yourself over a chair, with your arms extended. In a slow controlled movement, lower your body weight back down to the starting position and repeat two more times.

Single-arm row. This Back Exercise stretches the quads. Stand with both feet hip distance apart. With your right arm placed across the right shoulder and your left arm across the left shoulder, hold onto your hips for balance. Now, using your right hand, rotate your left arm so that your shoulder moves towards the right and vice versa. Repeat this for as many times as you can.

Lying Side Lateral Raises. These Back exercises stretch the sides of the shoulders. Start in a seated position and raise your body so that your shoulders are parallel to the ground. Keeping your feet hip distance apart, lower yourself slowly until your shoulders are at or above the incline. Rep your sets slowly, holding for three seconds before going back to the beginning position.

Seated Planks. You can perform these exercises while lying on your back with your knees bent and your hands placed behind your head. Hold your plank position for as long as possible before switching to an alternate arm extension movement and doing four sets of ten. The first exercise stretches the erector spinae, which is the muscle group responsible for rotation. An alternating pattern of movement strengthens the front, middle, and back muscles, resulting in better posture overall.

Front Lumbar Expression. This Back exercise isolates the gluteal muscles, or buttocks, which are crucial to moving the weight off the floor. Stand straight with your feet hip distance apart, knees straight, and heels flat. Keep your feet hip distance apart, and lean forward so that your body forms a straight line from your head to your feet, halfway between your legs. Next, pull your shoulder blades toward your chest and in toward your lower back, while maintaining a straight spine.

Overhead Shrugs. If you do not have dumbbells or barbell, you can create this exercise by placing a folded towel under one leg. Make sure the towel is fairly sturdy or use two towels of varying weights. Hold the towel in front of your legs and make sure your elbows are pointing toward your hands, with your wrists flexed, and your upper arms kept parallel to the floor.

Front Lateral Raise. This exercise works the sides of your body and engages your core more than the front, as it allows your legs to keep your back straight throughout the exercise, and your glutes to stabilize your upper body. Stand with your feet hip distance apart, and engage your core, while pulling your arms up toward your face, lifting them above your head.

Pushups. This Back movement strengthens your arm muscles, but also engages your core. Stand with your feet hip distance apart, and engage your abs so that your shoulders cannot rotate, and contract your core to slowly lower your torso towards the floor, and your arms out to the side. Do not over-extend your body, nor contract your core. Slowly lower yourself back to the start position, then stand and repeat.