What You Can Do with Your Old Tablet

If you have a tablet, there are newer and better models being introduced every single year. Unfortunately, even if you consider your device to be relatively new, there is a good chance that a newer model with better features has been introduced on the market. Because of this, you might consider trading in or selling your device to get some money that you will then use towards new tablets. Here are some things that you can do with your old tablets:

Sell it to a Device Buying Company

Many tablet buying companies purchase smartphones and tablets from consumers. The way this type of company works is by having a customer come into their establishment with their tablet and having it examined by staff. The staff will be able to tell what model the device is, how old it is and what might be wrong with it. They will then give you some information on what they will give you for the device if you choose to sell it to them. You will sign a contract and hand your tablet over, which they will then refurbish and sell for a profit.

Sell it Online

If you want to make more money off of your tablet, you could try selling it online via a garage sale site or social media page. You will take a picture of the device and list it for a price that you feel is fair for the product. However, when listing anything online, be as honest as possible about the device so that people know whether or not it works and if there is anything wrong with it. This prevents a buyer from becoming angry and wanting a refund soon after purchasing any tablets from you.

Donate It

If you are looking to get rid of any old tablets that you might have, there is nothing better than donating it to someone who could make good use of it. When you donate an old device, it is refurbished and given to a person in need who would otherwise not be able to afford the device brand new. This might be a struggling single mother, a family who is currently having financial problems or an elderly person.

Trade It In

If you are looking to purchase a brand new tablet, you can go to a device store that takes trade-ins in exchange for a reduced rate on a new device. Not only does this save you lots of money, but you can choose to buy brand new tablets that are either new out of the box or refurbished to save you even more cash.

Recycle It

You can recycle an old tablet so that it is put to better use than if it were sitting in your drawer at home. Unfortunately, a lot of people with older devices keep them stored away or simply throw them out without knowing that recycling them can be beneficial for the environment. Before you recycle the device, make sure that you remove its SIM card to prevent someone from stealing your identity or personal information.

For those who have an older and outdated device, there are a myriad of ways for you to make money off of the item and still get a brand new model at a reduced rate. Before you choose any of these methods, do your research and figure out which option is best suited to your needs. For example, you might find that you make more money when selling a device on a garage sale site rather than through a device buying company. Likewise, you might notice that you make more money selling the tablets than you would trading it in for newer devices. In this case, you could sell the device and then use that money towards a newer model rather than going through a trade-in company.

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