Things You Never Knew About the Human Body

With a newly health-concious public on the rise, we feel more assured that we know what’s right for our body than we ever have before. However, do we really know what can adversely affect our well-being? Unfortunately, there are many miscommunications and mismeasurements surrounding the guidelines given in relation to human health and happiness, so it can be difficult to keep up with what we ought to do and ought to do without. Here are a few little revelations that might challenge what you’ve been taught about your body.

Recovering from exercise is essential.

Regular exercise is obviously beneficial to the human body, but do we all know how to reduce risks that might derive from exercise? Funnily enough, most don’t even realise there are potential hazards surrounding a trip to the gym. If you’re working out but failing to restore nutrients following exercise – you’re doing it wrong. Perhaps the aim is to lose weight, however you risk causing serious injury and strains if you’re reluctant to load up on nutritious snacks in the name of post-workout recovery. The best plan of action post-workout is to fill up on some proteins and superfoods, reward your body for all the hard work – don’t starve it of what it needs.

Try to mix up your sleeping position.

Sleep is a major player in the fight for fresh, clear skin. We call is ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. Adequate, healthy sleep gives your skin cells prime opportunity to regenerate, as well as offering many other health benefits. However, if you’re sleeping on one side every night, you might be messing with your skin. Pressing the same side of your face up onto a pillow night after night can create creasing and, eventually, bring about premature wrinkling. Ideally you should try to sleep on your back, but if you’re a die hard side-sleeper, at least try to alternate sides.

You’re not looking after your assets.

Face wrinkles aren’t the only dilemma surrounding dermatology, many women become self-conscious about their breasts sagging with age and post-pregnancy, although they often don’t realise that this isn’t where the issue primarily arises from. The gradual sagging of breasts can be impacted by smoking and genetics, of course, but one of the main causes of breast sagging is from excessive movement of the breasts. The breasts are only supported by the Cooper’s ligaments within and the skin surrounding them. So, if the ligaments are strained and the skin is stretched, the sagging is actually irreversible – but you can prevent a lot with the use of a sports bra or, for additional protection, even a special breast compression band like the Boobuddy which is designed to restrict the breast movement. The extra support is essential when working out and great for preventing the inevitable strain caused by every day activity.



Whichever ways you decide to try to improve your little lifestyle habits, remember to do your research and see which seemingly innocent and worthwhile things may be affecting you adversely. You only get one body, after all.

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