4 Online Resources for People with Arthritis

There are so many online resources available for people with arthritis that we could never put together a comprehensive list. That said, we’ve done our best to filter those resources down to the best of the best.

Whether you want to connect with a larger community to share tips and seek advice or find out about the latest fitness apps developed for people with arthritis, you should read on.

  1. Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation calls themselves the ‘Champion of Yes’. That’s pretty fitting since their site provides a wide range of resources for people suffering from arthritis. Those resources cover everything from pain management to treatment options to healthy eating. We’re particularly fond of the exercise segment – it contains personalized exercise recommendations and modifications to make sure you can keep moving without hurting yourself.

  1. The Arthritis Care Forum

For many people, one of the worst things about developing arthritis is not having anyone to talk to about it. Of course, there are always friends and family, but it can feel isolating when you can’t talk to anyone who knows what you’re going through. One of the best ways to combat that feeling of loneliness is by joining an online forum, and the Arthritis Care Forum is one of the most active.

  1. Arthritis Support Groups

If you want to go one step further, look online for arthritis support groups. You’ll be able to attend monthly meetings through your computer – they’re great when you want to talk to other people at length and feel happier with a smaller group.

  1. Middletons Lifestyle Hub

Middletons provide a wide selection of products designed to help people cope with arthritis, and they’ve put plenty of their knowledge online. Lifestyle Hub articles cover everything from how to manage pain to how to pick out the right mobility equipment.

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