5 top tips for purchasing gym equipment

The increase in exposure for people’s health and wellbeing has resulted in a huge growth in the gym industry.

Facilities across the country have enjoyed increases in membership numbers, potentially creating a need to purchase additional equipment to meet with customer demand.

Read on for our five top tips for purchasing gym equipment for your facility.

Calculate your budget

Purchasing fitness equipment can require significant funds, so it’s important to do your research and discover what the various gym manufacturing brands can offer you.

Make sure you work out what you can realistically afford to spend and use virtual reality online poker offers to give yourself the chance to boost your budget.

Visit trade shows and search the internet for offers and deals to help you maximise what you are able to spend.

Know the equipment

It’s important to learn about the different types of fitness equipment and their uses before making a purchase.

The equipment is primarily split into two fitness categories – cardiovascular and strength. Cardio machines include treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers and stair steppers. Mechanical shoulder press, leg press, dumbbells and barbells are some of the strength items available.

Knowing what the equipment does and how it fits into your facility will ensure your customers have everything they need when they visit your gym.

Use a design service

Some equipment suppliers offer customers the opportunity to see full 3D images of what their gym will look like prior to placing an order.

They will attend site, assess your equipment needs and take full measurements, before preparing a full 3D Cad designed presentation and a quote for you to approve.

The beauty of this service is you can change your design as many times as you want, until you are satisfied that you are getting exactly what you need and keeping within your budget.

Don’t skimp on quality

Gym equipment needs to be reliable and should be bought from industry leading manufacturers. You should buy highly durable machines that are built to last.

Good quality machines will be supplied with safety and durability instructions, giving you the opportunity to extend the lifespan of your items and keep costs down.

Look out for warranties and maintenance offers

When buying any commercial gym equipment, check out the warranties and equipment maintenance offers that are included. Ask about the maintenance required for every machine and know the repair charges in advance.

Regular servicing of gym equipment reduces the number of breakdowns and increases the longevity of equipment, preventing costly repair and replacement.

Each item of equipment should be serviced twice a year to meet strict industry health and safety requirements.

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