Arms Exercise – Squats Are Great For Training and Improving Your Upper Body Strength

If you are looking for a great way to tighten up your lower back and arms then an Arms Exercise for Your Home Gym is just what you need. This workout can be done from the comfort of your own home. The exercise you do with this method is going to target both your upper and lower back. You will find that not only will your arms be strengthened but your entire back will feel better as well. The good thing about doing this workout at home is that it is very low impact and safe for all types of muscles. So whether you are new to exercising or have been doing it for a while it doesn’t matter, this exercise will still work for you.

An Arms Exercise for Your Home Gym consists of a few simple arm exercises that can be done anywhere there is an exercise machine. When you start this type of exercise you will find that it is similar to doing bicep curls. However, instead of holding the dumbbell in front of your body in the usual position you will hold it out at arm length. To perform these arm exercises you will use both hands.

The primary muscles that will be targeted during an Arms Exercise for Your Home Gym are the biceps, triceps, forearms, chest and abs. The first exercise we are going to perform targets your biceps. This one stretches the muscle very gently. Stand in front of a bench with a barbell, grip the barbell with your palms facing away from you. Make sure your elbows are slightly wider than shoulder-width. You may check out this Guide to barbell rows to learn the benefits and how it’s done.

Next you will want to lift your arms in a controlled movement, your elbows should be slightly wider than shoulder width. Lift the barbell off the floor and slowly lower it down to your sides while inhaling. You should not be bending your knees or locking your elbows. This is a deltoid stretch, the most common exercise for your deltoids.

The next exercise is a lying bent over row, this is a great exercise that will target your deltoids and will tone them to perfection. Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand, grip the dumbbells in the palms facing outwards, your palms should be facing your legs. Start by holding the dumbbells at shoulder height, make sure your elbows are slightly wider than shoulder width. Lift your arms straight out towards the sky, and then lower them slowly back to your starting position. If you cannot perform a full range of motion, then start with a lower number of repetitions and increase the weight slowly.

The last of the three main arm exercises we are going to cover is a press, here you will focus on pressing your own arms down to your sides. These are also known as incline dumbbell presses. For this exercise you will need to have a barbell with both hands, and hold the barbell in the best possible position for you, with your palms facing your legs. You will then bend your arms at the elbow Joint, squeeze your pecs and then extend your arms towards the ground, keep your arms as straight as possible. Lower the barbell back down slowly, you can do a number of reps before you feel the muscle burn.

The final triceps exercise is known as the tricep kickback, this exercise will require you to bring your arms up to the very peak of your lungs, which is known as a high-rep set. For this exercise you will need to bring the barbell straight up to your chest, and then bring it down slowly. You will need to exhale whilst lifting, and inhale when lowering. Do not hold your breath at the top of your rep. Do four sets of fifteen, each set being approximately half a minute, you can do as many sets as you can, but you should not increase the repetitions on each set for one minute.

As well as providing an excellent upper body workout, the hamstrings and calf muscles are also worked out during a proper form squat. A proper squat target these muscles much more effectively than other abdominal exercises, with the exception of lunges. Hamstrings and calves are essential components of a strong, functional core. If you want to improve your quads, legs and overall core strength, then doing squats is a great way to start off.