How to avoid knee injuries when playing sports

Injury is a natural thing to experience when participating in both non-contact and contact sports. Whether this is from a mistake, an accident or a well-supervised wrestling match, sports injuries can be serious and lead to lifelong ailments. Knee injuries can be especially problematic in the long term. Running and walking may become an issue that you cannot avoid. The list below will show you how to avoid any knee injuries from play sports that may become a lifelong ailment.

  1. Train and exercise those joints

Never forget to do a warm up before you exercise. Your knees take a lot of the weight of the body as you train. Thus you must ensure that they (and your muscles) are warm and flexible. This can be fulfilled by beginning your training with squats and lunges.

  1. Swimming Choices

A good way to keep the weight off your knees is to try a sport that does not require any weight on them altogether. Swimming is a fantastic means of pumping some power into your leg muscles without having to strain your knees in the process. While some more physically straining sports, like weight lifting and running, can only train specific parts of the body. Swimming works out muscles in your back, legs and arms all in one cardiovascular blast of fitness. As a low- impact exercise, swimming will prepare your body’s tolerance of other sports, thus reducing the likely hood of injury. If you are interested in becoming a strong bodied athlete, be sure to work in swimming to your exercise routine before you put any strain on your knee caps.

  1. Sensible Shoes and Clothes

You wouldn’t want to go to a fancy dinner in sport’s shoes, so why would you think of wearing anything inappropriate to go running?  Wearing loose clothes, that make you liable to trip and fall, or start running in any footwear other than trainers, then you may be more likely to gain a foot or knee injury. This could also lead to the loss of mobility in your “stable foot joint,” making it far more difficult to create a long-term exercise regime. Be sure to only wear tight fitting clothes and trainers when going for your first exercise. That empty hospital bed will be worth it. 

  1. Listen to your Body

It can be tempting to keep pushing your body to the limit during exercise, due to desires to be fit, healthy or even to lose weight, but these are thoughts that we must learn to resist. Your body will know when it has reached its limits. A knee sprain/inflammation can display a lot of symptoms, such as pain, stiffness caused by disconnected tendon and muscle spasms. While there are a lot of benefits of knee replacement surgery, a trip to the hospital may be required if you have pushed your body too far and have ignored the signs of injury. Do not ignore these signs of injury and be sure to see a doctor as soon as you can. The sooner you can have your knee injury the better.

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