Best Transport Modes Across Various UK Cities

Some New Year’s Resolutions are just begging to be broken. How are you going with yours so far? Are you sticking to your healthier lifestyle? Are you taking more care of the environment? Cycling has really taken off around the world, not just in the UK where it is enjoying great popularity. And by commuting by bicycle you will enjoy a better lifestyle as well as have less impact on the environment.

Family run cycling store Leisure Lakes Bikes,  has put together a very interesting study that shows travel times in some of the busiest UK cities using different modes of transport.


Route: From Royal London Hospital to King’s Cross Station

  • 33 minutes by car.
  • 29 minutes by public transport.
  • 81 minutes walking.
  • 27 minutes cycling


Route: From Cadbury World to Birmingham New Street Station

  • 17 minutes by car.
  • 26 minutes by public transport.
  • 86 minutes walking.
  • 23 minutes cycling.


Route: From Hampden Park to Glasgow Central Station

  • 22 minutes driving
  • 16 minutes by public transport
  • 52 minutes walking.
  • 16 minutes by bike


Route: From Meadowhall Centre to Sheffield Train Station

  • 14 minutes by car.
  • 24 minutes on public transport.
  • 74 minutes walking.
  • 22 minutes cycling.


Route: From Shipley town centre to Bradford Interchange

  • 16 minutes driving.
  • 13 minutes on public transport.
  • 78 minutes walking.
  • 26 minutes cycling.


Route: From Aintree Racecourse to Liverpool Lime Street Station

  • 21 minutes by car
  • 27 minutes on public transport.
  • 104 minutes by walking.
  • 29 minutes by bicycle.


Route: From Fort Kinnaird to Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

  • 20 minutes when driving.
  • 27 minutes by public transport.
  • 85 minutes walking.
  • 27 minutes cycling.


Route: From Old Trafford football stadium to Manchester Piccadilly Station

  • 13 minutes driving.
  • 24 minutes by public transport.
  • 62 minutes walking.
  • 22 minutes cycling.


Route: From Woodspring Golf & Country Club to Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station

  • 18 minutes driving.
  • 23 minutes by public transport.
  • 78 minutes walking.
  • 22 minutes cycling.


Route: From Radyr Golf Club to Cardiff Central Railway Station

  • 20 minutes driving.
  • 27 minutes by public transport.
  • 97 minutes by walking.
  • 28 minutes on bicycle.


Route: From Balmoral Golf Club to Belfast Central Station

  • 15 minutes driving your car.
  • 25 minutes by taking public transport.
  • 63 minutes walking.
  • 18 minutes to complete the journey by cycling.


Route: From Metro Centre to Newcastle Central Station

  • 14 minutes when driving.
  • 21 minutes by public transport.
  • 75 minutes walking.
  • 29 minutes cycling.


Leisure Lakes Bikes has teamed up with the Green Commute Initiative to make the change not only an easy one but a lot less stressful on the purse strings. Click here to find out more about the partnership.

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