The Importance of Regular Dental Checks

Even if it seems like a hard assignment for some of us, due to varied reasons or circumstances, taking care of the teeth should be of high importance. Besides brushing and flossing the teeth as daily habits, regular dental check-ups are suggested by all dentists because it is best to prevent than to solve the dental issues. A typical dental check-up involves several steps which can be explained by your dentist who will also give recommendations for home remedies if it is necessary.

What is a dental check-up and how it can help the patient

Normally, a person should see the dentist at least twice per year. A regular dental check-up starts with examining the teeth and the gums, in order to see and detect any signs or decay, cavity or any related issues. In this stage, a panoramic dental x-ray is necessary because it can reveal in an accurate manner all kinds of dental problems. Meanwhile, the dentist must know a few details about the medical record of his/her patient, especially if it is the first dental visit to that doctor. It is good to know that patients with heart diseases, diabetes or chronicle illnesses are subject to a different kind of treatments in accordance with their health problems.

Starting the check-up with a dental x-ray

After a preliminary dental examination, your dentist will solicit a dental x-ray to see and verify the entire denture, from bottom to top. The x-ray pictures, mostly the panoramic ones that comprise the entire denture, will also reveal if the roots of the teeth are problematic. As it is known, the dentistry branch advanced quite fast in the past decades, therefore, the emission of radiation when taking dental x-rays have been reduced to 10 percent, therefore, a minimum risk.

Detecting and solving the dental problems

Once the dental x-rays have been analyzed, it is time to give another look to the denture, with the help of a dental probe and a mirror. Swelling gums and mouth sores can be the cause of an infected tooth. Moreover, of the dental plaque is developed in a large amount on the teeth, your dentist can recommend a periodontitis treatment.

In the same stage, the dentist can see if a patient developed sensitive teeth, if there are fractures detected, deep decay, wisdom teeth in wrong positions which could result in dental extractions, or if the patient suffers from bruxism without knowing. All these issues can be solved with a few dental visits as agreed with your dentist. Moreover, a professional dental cleaning is offered at the end of the session. We remind that there is no need to worry about the pain at the dentist, as there is no such thing. All interventions, whether surgical or non-surgical can be solved under local anesthesia or with the help of oral sedation.

When to see your dentist again

Once the dental check-up is completed, the dentist will explain how the status of your teeth is, what really happening with your denture, what are the future treatments and when you should visit the dental clinic once again. Even if the dental check-up was a success and the patient has no problems, this doesn’t mean that there is no need for another check-up after a few months.

On the other hand, your dentist can offer recommendations about how to take care of your teeth correctly on a daily basis. Besides brushing and flossing the teeth twice per day as recommended, each and one of us should consider the importance of adopting a healthy diet, not only for having healthy teeth but for an overall well-being.

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