Struggling to Decide on the Right Rise and Recline Chair Motor?

Rise-and-Recline chairs can make your life a lot easier if you suffer from any mobility issues. They rise up to meet you, saving you having to lower yourself down, and they rise you back up when you need to get going, reducing any strain across your legs and back.

However, not all rise-and-recline chairs work the same, and one of the most fundamental differences is between motors. In general, you’ll find yourself deciding between standard motor, wall hugger, and dual motor, so here’s a quick overview of each type.

Standard Motor

A standard motor rise-and-recline chair is going to suit most people down to the ground.  Their most important feature is the ability to raise your feet above the level of your hips, which helps prevent any pressure issues and keeps the blood flowing. They tend to have a very simple two-button handset, and you can recline them while keeping your feet raised. The only drawback tends to be that foot and back sections cannot be operated separately, but this isn’t a major issue for most users.

Wall Hugger

A wall hugger, as the name implies, is perfect when you want to have your chair positioned close against a wall. They require far less clearance space at the back compared to other chairs, making them ideal for smaller living areas and bedrooms. Like standard motor chairs, they have simple handsets and can recline while your feet are raised. However, they cannot lift your feet above the level of your hips, and the foot and back sections cannot be operated separately.

Dual Motor

Dual motor rise-and-recline chairs are usually the most expensive variety, but they provide the unique benefit of allowing independent control over the back and foot sections. They don’t raise your feet above the level of your hips, but you can keep the backrest vertical while raising or lowering the footrest. A slightly more complicated handset is needed to control both motors, but the added flexibility is often attractive for users who tend to struggle finding the perfect comfort setting.


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