The 7 Elements of a Healthy Body & Mind

The unfairness of life is perhaps most glaringly demonstrated by how one simply cannot seem to balance their state of mind and their physical shape, with the most experienced among us earth-dwellers wishing we could have the wisdom of a retiree and the body of a late teen transitioning into a young adult! I mean don’t you just wish you knew what you know now back when you were still young enough for your body to only require a couple of hours sleep to recover from the exertions of the previous night?

Well, I’ll let you know once I’ve found the fountain of youth, but until then all we can do is try our best to stick to a healthy lifestyle. This includes everything from getting the right health insurance (head to IEHP to find out about Medi-Cal insurance, for example) to eating and drinking your five-a-day. Apply these seven pieces of advice to get as close as possible to having the healthy body of a young adult as well as the wise mind of someone who has seen and done it all.

Exercise (physical and mental)

Have you ever wondered why when your mind is tired then your whole body is physically tired as well? Well that’s because your body requires both mental and physical exercise, so in addition to your gym sessions fuelled by protein shakes and your ultimate workout playlist, or engaging in any form of physical exercise, you need challenge and exercise your mind as well.

Healthy eating (includes indulgent rewards and treats)

My biology teacher warned us back in the tenth grade about exercising and maintaining healthy eating habits. In a generation where smoking and drinking are considered cool and normal, living healthy is a great task, indeed. It is imperative to make sure you take a balanced diet and avoid drinking to maintain a healthy life. Once you start following a well-balanced lifestyle that includes nutritious food and health supplements, you might start seeing signs your liver is detoxing. You cannot depend on junk food for too long, as this stuff bites when you reach your mid to late twenties. But healthy eating habits should be balanced out with some indulgences. You need to treat yourself once in a while.

A Sense of purpose

I suppose for most of us the sense of purpose we have is an inherited one which is fuelled by a need to survive, which is why we wake up each morning to go to work. In order to enjoy a healthy mind and body however, find a sense of purpose which is driven by passion, so look beyond the job that merely pays your bills.

Stimulation that pleasures the senses

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go into too much detail by way of what a grown adult does to pleasure their senses, but it is indeed important to get all your senses stimulated in a pleasurable way to maintain a healthy state of mind and a healthy body.

Cleanliness (inside and outside)

No-brainer – keep yourself clean by enjoying a good bath/shower, but also keep the inside of your body clean with a detox now and then.

A healthy living environment

Keep your living environment clean as well, populating it with positive reinforcements like beautiful things that please the eye, a good circulation of fresh air and then also try to eliminate any sources of toxicity of the mind and body, like loud music you’re not fond of or dirty, disease-spreading pests and the like. The likes of pests within your living environment can be a cause of stress and illness, this can be the same to any other energy-draining sources within the environments you frequent. However, if you know your suffering from a pest infestation it will be very important to have them exterminated by a professional company you can find on the likes of or other pest termination services available in your area.


Spontaneity is how the mind grows, so too the body in that you challenge yourself to dynamically adapt to your environment and if that environment is a changing one, then your mind and body have no choice but to grow healthily.

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