Varicose Vein Treatment: Early Intervention Is Recommended

Have you ever had a conversation with a family member or a friend that goes something like this:

You: Hey, I never noticed those varicose veins before.

Family Member: Yeah, those popped up last year, no big deal.

You: Maybe you should go get some varicose vein treatment at Metro Vein Centers.

Family Member: Nah, they don’t hurt and people only see them when I wear shorts which, as you know, I don’t do very often.

You: Yes, but they be a sign of something more serious going on…. something like a blood clot or a damaged valve in your vein.

Family Member: Don’t be silly… they’re just varicose veins! No big deal!

You: But…

Family Member: Look… drop it will you… if my legs start hurting a lot or something, maybe I’ll get varicose vein treatment then…. but for now, just leave me alone will you!

It’s so hard to know what to say in these situations, isn’t it? You can’t force your family member, whom you love dearly, to seek varicose vein treatment. You’re probably not a doctor so they’re not going to listen to you. However, early intervention can help a lot when dealing with varicose veins and venous insufficiency where blood pools in the veins and surrounding tissues and makes your legs swell. There could also be the possibility of a lymphatic condition, such as lymphedema, in the case of unusual swelling, which would also require diagnosis and lymphedema treatment. Early detection in any case can always be helpful to prevent further, more serious problems.

Here’s a different, perhaps more effective method, you can take with your stubborn family member if the issue comes up again:

You: Hey, I see you have some new varicose veins.

Family Member: Yeah, so what? They’re no big deal. Just a sign I’m getting older.

You: Yeah, you may be right but I heard you can get a FREE — absolutely free, no gimmicks — evaluation at the Metro Vein Centers.

Family Member: Why would I want to do a crazy thing like that…. these varicose veins aren’t hurting me.

You: Well, it’s actually a pretty cool experience. They put this warm gel on your leg and then they move this ultrasound gadget around on the surface of your skin so they can see inside.

Family Member: Does it hurt?

You: Nope. No, my friend Lisa said it felt like getting a warm massage.

Family Member: Hmmm…

You: You get to see a three-dimensional image of the veins and tissues inside your own legs right while you’re laying there! You can actually watch the blood flowing through your veins. It’s like you’re looking through a tunnel but you’re actually looking through your own vein!

Family Member: Wow, I’d like to see that!

You: If I set up an appointment for you, can I go with you and see it too? I’ve been wanting to ever since I heard about it.

Family Member: Sure, why not. I’ll be your guinea pig.

Now, this method was less confrontational and it got your stubborn family member actually thinking the evaluation could be fun, which it can be actually, especially if you go in with the right attitude. But… more importantly, it will get your family member to the doctor sooner to see if there is an underlying more serious issue than an “ugly” squiggly blue vein on the surface of her leg.

Getting varicose vein treatment is not usually a cosmetic issue. There’s usually an underlying medical need for this type of treatment which is why insurance companies do usually pay for it if you have a full description of the medical need for it written up by a doctor at a respected clinic like Metro Vein Centers.

Early intervention can oftentimes prevent more varicose veins from forming because procedures like sclerotherapy or endovenous Laser Treatment for Veins can improve blood flow in the whole region and prevent other vein valves from failing and causing more varicose veins. However, the efficacy of the treatment relies on the early identification of the issue.

Detecting these varicose veins early by opting for ultrasound imaging (available at a diagnostic center that offers medical imaging in Sparta, NJ, and similar locations) can help healthcare professionals evaluate the condition of the veins, identify any blockages, and determine the extent of venous insufficiency. This can lead to less intensive varicose vein treatment in the future. For example, you may prevent a blood clot from forming in a vein just under the skin (thrombophlebitis) or in a vein deep down in the leg where it can’t be detected at all from the surface of your leg without duplex ultrasound (deep vein thrombosis).

Sometimes too, you can actually avoid varicose vein treatment altogether if you catch it early enough. If you can get your family member to go in for an evaluation, the doctor can help educate her on how to prevent new varicose veins from forming or at least lessen the severity of the ones that do form. In some cases, it may be simple lifestyle changes like walking for 15-30 minutes every day, wearing compression stockings, and or elevating her feet on a footstool when she watches television. If she stands for long periods of time, the doctor may suggest getting a stool to sit part of the time.

Bottom line, it is always better to seek varicose vein treatment earlier than later. So, if you have a stubborn family member or friend who doesn’t think their varicose vein(s) are serious enough to go to the vein clinic, see if you can cajole them into at least getting a free initial evaluation at Metro Vein Centers. In doing so, you may be saving them a lot of misery later down the road. You could even be saving their life!

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