Walking your children to school – great exercise for the whole family

By making time to exercise with your family, you can spend quality time with your children and imbibe the importance of being healthy for life. Maintaining the best of health is the goal of every individual and by exercising as a family, the exercise can become a fun activity children look forward to indulge in.

One of the best exercises for the entire family is walking your children to school. This will ensure that you spend time with the children at the start of the day and can talk about various activities that will be a part of the day. This also allows the child to be prepared for their day at the nursery. Additionally, walking the children to school also ensures that you start your day with an exercise before you get into the chores that will consume your day. Children tend to get exhausted by the time they return from school hence it is not possible to indulge them into an exercise after they are back. Walking the children to school should be an exercise that forms an important part of your day; your child will enjoy spending quality time with you and will get a chance to talk about how they enjoy school. Even if it takes about 15 to 20 minutes of your time, it will be worth it. Walking has great benefits on your health and body. Stop using the car to drop your child in the morning and replace the activity with an exercise that has long term health benefits.

Young children love to walk to the school, it allows them to explore the neighborhood and spend time with parents. If your child is in a private nursery in Hampstead, walk with them every morning when you go to drop them. You can choose to pick them up in a car when they leave. Children are high on energy in the morning and you can put the energy to right use. If you do not have the time for gym or a swim, this activity will benefit you in a significant manner. Nothing beats the benefits of walking and by simply walking your child to the nursery, you will benefit in terms of weight loss and a healthy body. As your child grows, they will imbibe the values of a healthy life and understand the importance of exercising. Soon, your child will remind you to keep up the effort together and will look forward to the same.

There are a number of options for a private nursery in Hampstead. Choose a nursery which is closer to your home and will allow you to reach there within a few minutes. Having a nursery within your locality will save on the time and cost of transportation. Since the nursery will be within walking distance, you will be able to enjoy your morning walk and gain health benefits. The walk to the school tends to become an exciting activity when planned with the children.

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