4 Benefits of Choosing a Leather Rise and Recline Chair

A rise and recline chair can significantly enhance your comfort by removing pressure points and improving circulation. They come in a whole range of styles, designs, and motor types, but one of the most fundamental decisions you’ll need to make is whether to look for leather or fabric upholstery.

Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, but here are just four reasons why you might want to opt for leather.

  1. Excellent Durability

People who use rise and recline chairs tend to use them a lot, so durability is obviously a vital concern. Fabric chairs aren’t going to wear out, but they will show signs of wear and aging much faster than leather chairs. In contrast, leather actually looks better as it ages. If you want your rise and recline chair to look fantastic for years to come, consider leather over fabric.

  1. Classic Style

Leather chairs have a natural elegance that even the finest fabric still cannot match. It fits around any kind of décor, comes in a whole range of colours, and gives your room that touch of class that many people assume is missing from rise and recline chairs.

  1. Waterproof

One of the main problems with fabric chairs is that they are not remotely waterproof. If you spill any liquid on a fabric armchair, it soaks right in and takes some time to dry out. Since you probably only have one rise and recline chair, it can be very inconvenient to wait for yours to dry out. Things get even worse if you spill anything other than water – just one spill could leave an unpleasant stain. Leather is waterproof, so you simply wipe it down when anything is spilt.

  1. Helps with Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, leather is the upholstery for you. Its surface is completely non-porous, so it doesn’t harbour pet hair, dust mites, or allergens as readily as fabric. As stated above, most people spend a lot of time in their rise and recline chair, so it makes sense to keep yours as comfortable as possible.

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