Why Is It Important To Replace Missing Teeth?

Whilst many people replace their teeth for cosmetic reasons, that is not the reason you need to get it done.

The issue we all have with tooth loss is the health issues that come with it.

TMJ Dysfunction

If you have missing teeth, it can affect the way your jaw opens and closes. This leads to damage to your jaw which can develop into the localised pain disorder TMJ Dysfunction (or TMD).

TMJ dysfunction (or TMD) can be very painful and in extreme cases may require surgery.

The effect on your jaw bone

Our bones react as our muscles do: they need stimulation to maintain size and health.

When we lose teeth, the loss of pressure causes the jaw bone beneath them to weaken and therefore decrease in density.

If we do not replace the teeth our jaw can keep on diminishing. This is accompanied by a clear shortening of your face, which ages you significantly.

Other teeth are encouraged into the spaces

Once you lose teeth, the surrounding ones are encouraged into the spare space.

This makes them susceptible to decay and gum disease, risking the loss of these surrounding teeth as well.

Here are some treatments you can choose from when replacing missing teeth

  • Dental Implants:

Implants made from titanium are fixed to your jaw, and an abutment fits the implant and attaches the crown, bridge or denture on top.

These look and feel like natural teeth, don’t become loose and fall out and prevent ageing bone loss.

  • Bridges:

Bridges are the replacement for multiple tooth loss. It is made up of two or more crowns that fit to teeth on either side of the gap, with a false tooth in-between.

  • Dentures:

Dentures are the best choice for those missing several teeth or a whole arch. They can be easily removed and are durable and long-lasting

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