4 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In a Month

Most people who are looking to lose weight would ideally like to lose it in the shortest amount of time possible.  Since people are eager to look and feel their best sooner than later it is something which people can be in a rush about.  

Many people know they want to lose the weight but aren’t sure how to get started on losing it.  This is because they don’t have the tools that they need in order to educate themselves on the proper and healthy way to drop weight fast.   If you are looking to lose weight fast the healthy way, here are some of the best ways to do it quickly.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

One of the biggest grey areas in people’s diets is how many calories they don’t realize that they are consuming each time they drink alcohol.  Each glass of alcohol contains an average of 150 calories.  When you start adding up multiple glasses consumed throughout the week this can quickly start to add up to quite a bit.  

Over time these excess calories can start to reach upwards of thousands of extras consumed over the course of the month.  When you consider that it takes approximately 2,500 calories extra to put on an extra pound, this can make a difference over time and quickly start to pack on the pounds.

Go On a Cleanse

Going on a cleanse can not only reset your body and make you feel less fatigued and unhealthy, but it can also result in a considerable amount of weight loss.  Depending on how heavy you are, to begin with, you may even lose up to 30 pounds in a month.  Average results based on a 10 day cleanse are usually about 10 pounds.

Although a certain portion of the weight lost during a cleanse is water weight, there is a considerable amount of pure fat lost during a cleanse.  This is because the body starts to burn its reserve fat when it is low in calories which it is consuming.

Work Out 30 Minutes a Day

Working out even just 30 minutes a day doing low intensity can make a significant difference in your waistline.  The more intensity that you put into your workout the more calories you will burn, so if you want bigger results you should do a bigger workout.

Try to find something which you enjoy so that you stay motivated to keep it up. Otherwise, you will easily fall into the trap of coming up with excuses for why you don’t want to complete your workout.

Limit Carbohydrates

Studies show that by limiting your carbohydrate consumption and increasing your protein consumption you will start to enter an ideal fat burning mode.

You will also stay full for a more sustained period of time.

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