6 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For Your Health

We used to do many things in our childhood that our parents found offensive and we received slaps in return. Just like fidgeting, there are a number of activities that have been proved useful for our health. However, there more ways to improve your health, maintain fitness with Origym courses and live a healthy life. Let’s check these habits that are actually doing a lot good to our health.


People believe that nappers are often lazy. But many studies have found out that napping is actually good for human health. Six minutes of napping keep you active, alert and boost performance for 3-4 hours. Whenever you are feeling sleepy or tired, just get up and take a few minutes of sleep. It will help you gain alertness and work like a fresh and active guy.

Drinking Coffee

Multiple studies revealed that coffee is really good to improve performance. You should have coffee on your breakfast. We see many people holding coffee in their hands while heading towards their offices. This is the reason as they believe coffee improve their mood and keeps them alert in the start of the day. However, use of coffee should be limited as excess of everything is bad and it may result in form of various diseases and health issues. Either that or drinking Sanka coffee that is decaffeinated is bound to improve your health in some way or another too, so make sure you go down the route that is best for you.

Picking Nose and Eating it

Picking the nose and eating your own snot is a pretty dirty habit. But Dr Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist, claimed in 2008 that this is quite good for your intestines and can help in building better immune system. Many of you will see it the weirdest thing but if studies have proved, you should believe in what researchers say.


Daydreaming can be seen time wasting, but scientists say brain seems more active in imagination. A research by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states the brain functioning during daydreaming is similar to the brainstorming while solving a complex problem. So you can be more creative if you practice daydreaming a few hours in a day.

Skipping Showers

When it comes to cleanliness, we have several studies that are quite opposite to each other. Some says we should keep ourselves clean while others say being a bit dirty helps our body fight against harmful germs and bacteria. In such cases, we have no particular option. However, it’s a fact washing your body and face exposes our body and face to harmful elements and body can’t survive against these germs and pollutants. Natural oil keeps skin soft and tender as well.

Video Games

We all have spent our childhood playing video games and some of us may now have one of the best gaming vpn options out there so that we can game safely and access games around the world that we may not be able to in our country due to restrictions. Many are the guys who still love going for the games because they just love them. Video game addiction can be tiring and time wasting, but studies have shown that cancer-affected kids who were given to play video games after chemotherapy used fewer painkillers than others. Video games also build coordination between hands and eyes. Not to mention, video games give children and adults a way to escape the stress and worries in their everyday lives. Due to all of these benefits, more people should consider playing some video games, like pokemon jupiter, to increase their happiness and stimulate their brain. Still need any more signs to be a game addict?

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