Benefits of Both Trading In and Selling Your Mobile Phone

If you have an older Apple phone, you know how important it is to get rid of it and get a newer model. Newer model phones have features that you simply would not find with what you currently have. Because of this, you might be looking for ways to either sell or trade-in your older Apple device. Understanding the pros and cons to each of these options will give you information on which to choose for your own benefit.

Benefits of Trading In

Trading in a phone means that you’ll exchange your phone with a newer model. The newer model might be brand new out of the box or it might refer to a refurbished phone that has already been used but cleaned so that it can be purchased again. One benefit to trading in an old Apple phone is that you’re going to get money off of the purchase of the new model. The company you trade with might offer a few dollars or even a few hundred dollars that will reduce the price of the new device by quite a bit.

Benefits of Selling

If you choose to sell a phone, you’re going to get top dollar for it as opposed to trading it in. You can then use this money as you wish or to purchase a newer model device. When trading in, you’ll get the lowest possible value for the Apple smartphone that is possible, but when you sell it, you’re able to choose how much you’re willing to take for it according to what the device is worth and what others have sold it for in the past.

Selling Online or Locally?

When selling an Apple phone, you have two options: sell it online or locally. If you sell it online, you’re going to want to be totally clear about the phone’s condition so that you don’t deal with angry and disgruntled people who have bought a device from you thinking it was in excellent condition only to find that it does not work. You can also sell it locally by putting it on a garage sale website. In this case, you list the item and take pictures of it for people to see. People will then offer you money and make arrangements to come and pick up the phone.

Trading In With a Provider

If you choose to trade in your phone for a newer model, you can do this through your cellphone provider. Be sure to find out if the provider takes trade-ins, as many of them do not. However, if they do, they will be able to offer you a small amount of money for the device so that this can be put towards a newer and better device. There are also many pawn shops that will trade-in phones for you and offer refurbished or brand new smartphones that you can buy in exchange.

Fine Print to Understand

Unfortunately, there is a lot of fine print associated with both selling and trading in a smartphone. For example, some providers will only trade in a phone that is in good working condition, and some do not take older models because they are not worth very much. When selling a phone, read any and all fine print to ensure that you’re not liable for a phone that is sold and then the buyer wants to return. In this case, you’ll be responsible for providing a full refund to the person whether or not the phone was broken when you sold it to them.

Whether you choose to trade in a phone or sell it, you can upgrade to a better Apple model that has all of the features that you want. If you’re selling the phone outright, you could even make a pretty penny off of it if you sell to the right buyer.

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