The Best Outdoor Activities for Keeping Healthy

The great outdoors is where memories are made and where the most breath-taking displays of natural beauty that our world has to offer are to be found. It also offers endless opportunities to improve our physical health, and our emotional wellbeing. For this article we have scoured the internet and compiled a list of outdoor activities which carry the most benefits for both the psychological and physical health of participants.


There are only a few sports that are quite as American as hunting. Baseball and basketball come close, but whereas those sports involve a few hours of activity, hunting trips often occur over days. Hunting also encourages participants to engage with the sport on several different levels. Physical health is important to be able to carry the necessary equipment with you and to traverse the different types of terrain, depending on the game that is being hunted. So, if you decide to get the best muzzleloader shotgun, you should know that a fully loaded one would weigh over 7.5 pounds. However, for a healthy person, it won’t be a problem, and might find it quite suitable for their hunting games.

Hunting also requires participants to use their cunning and intellect in order to successfully hunt their prey, meaning that it engages areas of the brain and a number of skills that most other sports do not.


Fishing isn’t the most taxing sport physically; however, it is very good for our health in a number of other ways. In fact, the relaxed nature of the sport means that fishing is a great way to unwind while getting some fresh air and catching a decent meal. Also, in order to fish, you have to get yourself to water. This often involves a degree of hiking, or other physical activity while carrying equipment, which in itself is good for you.

Many fishermen like to fish directly from a boat of some kind and so rowing is often involved as motorboats tend to scare away the fish from an area.


Hiking is a source of great joy for many of us. It is one of the best ways of keeping ourselves fit and healthy, and as an added bonus it affords the opportunity to experience all the natural delights that the United States has to offer. Our nation is home to an incredibly diverse range of landscapes and terrain, each of which has its own unique offerings in terms of the views on offer, and the wildlife which inhabits it.

The best thing about hiking is that it doesn’t require any special equipment, although you will definitely feel the benefits from investing in a decent pair of hiking boots. If you plan to undertake any serious, long distance hikes, be sure to pack a rucksack with emergency supplies. Check out Woodbury Outfitters for all your outdoor equipment needs.

Keeping fit and healthy can often feel like a much more complex task today than it was in the past. We are constantly bombarded with information and advice about what to eat and how much we should eat, as well as the exact amount of exercise we should aspire to. The above activities are all excellent ways of keeping fit and healthy and will make an excellent addition to any well-rounded lifestyle.

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