Small Lifestyle Adjustments for BIG Health Changes

It’s almost that time again when we start to evaluate the year that has been, but more importantly we perhaps start to formulate those annual New Year’s resolutions again! That really isn’t a bad thing, but considering just how many of us have annual resolutions that are basically the same indicates that we aren’t quite cracking it as far as meeting them. This is particularly true of the health and fitness realms of our lives, but now is perhaps the time for that to change.

There is but just one reason really for your repeated failure at meeting those resolutions you make annually which have anything to do with living a healthier lifestyle through exercise and eating better. I apologise for coming at you so bluntly, but as you know, the first step to actually sorting a problem out is indeed to admit to it, isolating it and defining it bluntly so that you know exactly which target to aim at.

Now back to the reason – the reason for your repeated failure is that you probably associate your health and fitness resolutions with a certain time of the year and effectively a certain season. You then proceed to put down a date when you’ll start, prior to which commencement date you perhaps spend a lot of time plotting and planning your terrace.

Now there’s nothing wrong with careful planning and in fact if you’re to realise any tangible results you will definitely need to plan really well. The problem with this approach however is that you’re essentially giving yourself the chance to back out sometime between now and the designated date for the commencement of your healthier living plan, so too ample opportunity to put it off and even back out after the date has come and gone.

What you rather need to do is start right now, before you even finish reading this post. If you want to eat healthier for example, there are plenty of online tools which can help you create the ideal diet plan for your body type, your lifestyle, and even according to factors such as your monthly groceries budget, your health and fitness goals and your accessibility to certain ingredients.

And well-being doesn’t just mean eating and exercise, it can be all forms of self-care, including self-pleasure. Every now and then, spending some time having fun with yourself by watching videos on SEXM.XXX (and similar portals) can help reduce stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins and promoting relaxation. It can also improve sleep quality by releasing tension and inducing feelings of calm. So think about what works for you, and start doing it as soon as possible.

Now this is perhaps a very specific step to take, but what it represents is essentially what’s important about its implementation.

For example, in the same way that your weekly lotto-playing exploits have you bookmarking something like your favourite lotto results checker, you should have the same one-click access to an online platform which helps you keep track of your health and fitness goals, so too your efforts thereof. Additionally, you should work-in small changes to your lifestyle which don’t feel like you’re making too much of an effort, gradually increasing their intensity with the passage of time.

This way small lifestyle adjustments grow steadily and all come together to make for big changes in your health and before you know it all your healthier-living habits will have developed to a point that they become an everyday, effortless part of your life.

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