Is vaping really better than smoking for your health?

All sorts of recent studies prove that vaping is way better than smoking due to the fact that it doesn’t contain nicotine. As Public Health England states that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes and as Cancer Research UK also supports vaping to support its fight against smoking related diseases like cancer. In the year 2015, electronic cigarettes assisted more than 50 people in ditching smoking. Since the introduction of vaping, it has been thrown towards the debate about whether or not vaping is safer and a better alternative to smoking.

You can also choose dab rigs if you want something less harmful than traditional smoking. Dabbing has become so integral to the cannabis industry that it even has its holiday. Although bongs and dab rigs come in an array of shapes and sizes, the dimensions can usually be used to identify which type of device you’re looking for. The primary distinction between a bong and a dab rig is that dab rigs are designed specifically for concentrates. Since dab rigs provide a much cleaner hit than the traditional bongs, they are highly in demand nowadays. One alternative avenue for consumers looking at high-end dab rigs for sale is browsing on the official website of smokersvice or any other online retailers you might be interested in.

Besides dab rigs, many people enjoy smoking cannabis with pots and bongs. They also believe that there is no smokable cannabis derivative that induces the zone in the same way that honey oil does. You may know it by a variety of other names, such as hash oil, wax, shatter, BHO, or dabs. If you want to buy honey oil, you can check out the online stores similar to get kush. In brief, it is a residue formed when marijuana plant parts are soaked in a solvent or blasted with butane gas. The result is a substance is produced that can be consumed by smoking, eating, or vaporizing. But, in any case, keep in mind that you must consume everything within a limit.

Anyway, before you choose the lesser of all the mentioned evils and you order your first vape pen from, there are few things that you should know about the device. To know more, read on the concerns of this post.

Vaping vs. smoking – What is the chemical breakdown?

Research reveals that there are damaging impacts of smoking tobacco cigarettes and this is the reason behind the statutory warning mentioned on the pack of cigarettes. In an average cigarette, there are 4000 chemicals present and few of them are carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia, formaldehyde, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide and DDT, to name a few. Most of these chemicals are directly linked to cancer.

On the contrary, electronic cigarettes don’t come with such a label of ingredients. The manufacturers of the hardware behind electronic cigarettes aren’t sure about the confirmed and the unconfirmed chemicals, agents and particles and the researchers are hence still waiting to point out the way in which e-cigarettes can have an impact on your health. Electronic cigarettes say that they blow out only water, nicotine and a bit of glycerine along with flavors which lead to the vapor.

However, that doesn’t mean that the users of e-cigarettes will feel that they’re on cloud 9 after vaping. It has been traced that there are heavy metals like aluminium, mercury, nickel, chromium, silver, tin and cadmium. Though it is true that few such metals are also found in the foods that we eat but if you start taking it on a regular basis, this can cause enough harm to your health.

Hence, as long as choosing the lesser of the two evils is concerned, you should choose to vape. This could possibly be the right step that you can take towards quitting smoking once and for all. There are several users who have quit smoking after they’ve switched to vaping and hence it is best if you could start vaping and bid goodbye to smoking for good.