Treating Yourself Well: 5 Ways to Release Stress After a Hard Work Week

It doesn’t matter what you do in life, what you do for work, or what situation you’re in, it feels effortless to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. It’s not uncommon for our to-do lists to feel endless, and it seems as though there’s always something we need to do playing on our minds.

However, feeling stressed out is extremely bad for our health, our well-being, and our happiness. We need to try and reduce the stress in our lives to make sure we’re not impacting our health. There are so many ways to do this, so people will find methods that work for them. Some people actually find that recreational marijuana redmond, for example, can help them to relax and calm down. Perhaps that’s worth trying. If that method is not for you, today, we’re going to explore five key ways you can help to reduce stress after a long, hard week at work, helping us to boost our overall happiness, and to feel relaxed and calm.

#1 – Make Time to Relax

The best way to feel relaxed is to actually dedicate time to relax. Whether you do it every day, or once a week, it’s important to schedule some time off to give you the opportunity to do what you want to do.

You could do this an hour every night or giving yourself a full day off, perhaps a Sunday, where you won’t think about the jobs you need to do, but instead, make time for yourself.

#2 – Meditate

While meditation isn’t for everybody, and you may have certain preconceptions about what meditation is, the basics of the practice can do so much for your well-being, your mental health, and your overall outlook towards life. There are many strains of cannabis, one of them being a breath mints strain for example, that you can test out and see which is your favorite for making you feel really rested.

Simply take the time, if even for ten minutes, to sit and do nothing. Whether you’re sitting in a chair, lying in bed, or eating food, be mindful of the activity you’re in, focus on your breathing, and just take a well-deserved break from the busyness of life. This level of calm can be achieved from recreational or medical cannabis use, as it is known for chilling you out.

Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a dedicated mindful activity, such as going to a spa like the Tallman Dermatology & Medical Spa or attending a mindfulness class.

#3 – Maintain a Proper Sleeping Pattern

Sleeping is our body’s natural way to relax, and it’s an essential part of our everyday lives in order to reduce stress and improve our positive outlooks. If you’re going to bed really late at night or going to bed at different times, this is seriously going to mess up your sleeping pattern.

As much as possible, go to bed and wake up at the same time with around seven hours of sleep to order to get the full benefits, and to feel fully refreshed and energized on a daily basis.

#4 – Rid Yourself from Distractions

Even when we’re in our free time, we’re not totaling disconnected, and you’ll still receive notifications, emails, and calls that can pull us back into the mindset of working, which causes us to stay feeling stressed out.

When you’re relaxing and, in your downtime, make sure you’re fully disconnected from these distractions. Turn off your email notifications, mute your phone, and really take the time to be with yourself without these constant interactions.

#5 – Change Your Environment

A typical day for many of us is being our houses, going to work and being in our offices, and then splitting this day up with commutes. In your free time, get outside of these areas, either by going to a gym, going for a walk or in other ways mixing up the environments where you’re spending your time.


This list is scratching the surface of what you can do to reduce the levels of stress in your life. Being mindful of your routine and highlighting when you most feel stressed is a great way to learn when you need to give yourself time to relax and to reenergize yourself, so you can be your happiest and most fulfilled self.