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How to Reduce Excess Sweat When Working out

While sufferers of conditions such as hyperhidrosis always tend to finish their workouts looking as if they have just taken a shower, many others are prone to serious sweating too. Fortunately, this is generally no cause for real concern. However, heavy sweating can certainly be uncomfortable and you can take some steps to prevent it. […]

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Discover How You Can Incorporate Exercise into Your Working Day

Keeping up with an exercise regime takes a lot of dedication and discipline, and if you’re not careful you can easily fall behind in the gym. A ‘lack of time’ is the most common complaint from family men and people with busy jobs when it comes to working out, but this can’t be used as […]

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Gym ball exercises to get a flat stomach

Just about everyone would like to have a flatter stomach but most people are unsure as to how to go about achieving their goal. Traditionally crunches have been the exercise of choice, but new research indicates that they are not as efficient at building core muscles as was once thought. Strength training focussed around the […]

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Using dumbbells to gain muscle

Using dumbbells or ‘free weights’ is a great way to build muscle. Starting at 1lb weight and going all the way up to 120lb, you can increase the weight you lift to achieve the muscle definition you want, and there are a variety of dumbbells, similar to these Isogym Dumbbells, on the market that can […]

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Should you run before or after lifting weights?

If you’re embarking on a new exercise regime combining both running and lifting weights, how do you know which to do first? Whether you want to strengthen your muscles or lose weight, the order of your routine can have an impact on its effectiveness. Here are some tips on how to achieve the most from […]

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Reasons why muscular strength is important

When most people talk about getting fit and working out, they are referring to cardiovascular exercise. While regular cardiovascular exercise is an important part of a good health and fitness regime, the importance of strength training should not be ignored. Having strong muscles can prevent injury, improve your posture and have a positive impact on […]

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