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How to Stay Healthy and Active on Your Caribbean Adventure to St Martin

The Island of Saint Martin is a unique destination in the Caribbean that’s divided between the French Side and the Dutch Side. The French Side is called Saint Martin and covers approximately two-thirds of the 87km2 landmass. Sint Maarten is owned and administered by the Dutch and is characterised by more development, casinos, and shopping […]

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How to avoid knee injuries when playing sports

Injury is a natural thing to experience when participating in both non-contact and contact sports. Whether this is from a mistake, an accident or a well-supervised wrestling match, sports injuries can be serious and lead to lifelong ailments. Knee injuries can be especially problematic in the long term. Running and walking may become an issue […]

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3 Great Recipes to Burn Fat At The Gym

With your gym day pass in hand you are determined. You have decided that you want to get fit, lose weight and build muscle. You have committed yourself to the idea that things have to change, and that’s great, but have you thought of everything, or have you missed a crucial factor in your quest […]

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